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New ART ! Quicky Delivery Service!

Maike just immigrated to Alvinus. Her new apartment is very expensive. The
quickest way to earn a coin is doing deliveries for Sexy Time’s new within the hour
delivery service. When she saw her next delivery was in her apartment building
she quickly grabbed some boba tea on the way. She was in for quite the surprise!
Who knew you could do that with boba balls!

All Glory to Joan

The final pic of 2021! Joan has started a new stream series on her profile. But to get the right content she goes to the local dingey store and show off her skills.

You can get the entire 22 image set in high res PNG for €3 on my gumroad:

You can get it for free in normal res on my website:

A happy 2022 to everybody!

New art: Joan The Collector
Joan has a new job. She is now a collector of tentacles.

Every once in a while she goes into the wild tentacle pits in the mountains to collect fresh specimen for her tentasuit experiments.

You can get all versions on my Gumroad in high res. This link has a discount code that will allow you to get 30% off until the end of cyber monday.

You can get all versions for free on my website:

Gremlin and Cum Goblin mistakes

This pic is a bit weird... There are two characters here 😀 Cloe and a certain gremlin 😀

Cloe is always getting into trouble. For some reason she loves to mess with the local tentacle population.

This set contains versions with tentacles and ones on wood floor in a sticky situation

You can get the high res pic on gumroad for €4! This also includes the Gremlin version 😉

Or get all versions here:

Halloween: Pumpkin Field Fun Time

Outside of Alvinus there are fields of sentient pumpkins. They are also slightly psychic.
This allows them to lure in folks with what their hearts desire!

You can get the pic in high res here for just €2 until halloween is over:

And you can get all versions for free here :

Halloween 2021 - Joan dressup!

Joan does not know what outfit wear for halloween this year. So she's just going for all of them!

You can get the high res copy here on gumroad:

You can also find all versions here:

Inside the tentabox - Joan

When you visit Alvinus there is a good chance you will end up meeting some of the wonderfully intelligent tentacle monsters. These guys have even started their own businesses. One of them being a tentasuit box where you can relax from your busy day!

This is a pic that has 2 version. The Elotika version was the original one and the Joan version is the one that is up on gumroad and art sites.

You can find both variants(joan/elo)

But i am sticking a token in every box of the artbook i sell through gumroad i ship out from now on.

You can find that artbook here

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Just to be clear i am meming on influencer crypto scams :)

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Introducing Spiral Club Token.

Every token sold is one tentacle saved!

Absolutely not a crypto ponzi scam rug pull. Only has value on Alvinus. Comes in black, and what ever kind of paint the packing tentacles can find to slap on it.


New art: Anika's Oily Picnic
The twin-tailed hottie Anika wants to put on a show and what place is better but a public park in Alvinus on top of a picnic table. Too bad she forgot to bring any not oily clothing for the way back home.
All versions here:

Gumroad version:

Soooooooo how are you all here on mastodon..anyone still alive? Seems a bit deader than before.

Geez these apps for mastodon really suck usability wise. I accidentally unfollowed someone and refollowed them now i cant find them anymore in my TL

Hey folks i have an artbook out. If you hadn't noticed. You can get a copy on gumroad here.

Tangere in the Tentacle caverns!

Tangere is taking a short vacation on Alvinus and uncovered and entrance to the Tentacle caverns.

This pic had been in my queue for a very long time and now the book thing is done ( go buy it at )
I could finally finish it :D

Tangere is a character of Tang. Tang is a really cool artist. You can find him on twitter here

You can find all versions including chastity belt versions here:

You can get a high res copy of all 34 variants on my gumroad:

All normal res versions as always are available on my website:

And really go check out the other variants they are very cool. Ranging from nude to some shibari action and floofy nippleclamps!

Also. I have a new artbook out which is now available in digital and physical form:

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LilSlaveKitten Visits Alvinus!

Sometimes the floating city of Alvinus gets famous visitors. For some reason they all get kinky with it. When in Rome, right?

Anyway : Last year I found this interesting person on twitter. She did a totally spies cosplay in latex which caught my attention She goes by the name LilSlaveKitten . A very interesting follow. Be sure to check out her profile. She's a cool cat :D 

You can find her profile on birdsite here :

---Up tentacle creek---
Jacoba Yde is enjoying a well deserved day out on the float on a local lake. Unfortunately her work seems to chase her wherever she goes. In this case an ancient tentacle from the depths of the lake spies on her from beneath the surface, intrigued by the smell she emits. The smell of a tentacle suit wearer.

This pic is part of my artbook! It is the cover!
And it is out now!

Want to find out more about the book ?

Entangling Journalism on Tentacle Island


This journalist for the TNTCL news was sent out to explore the Tentacle Island which has turned into a go to vacation spot for solo vacationers. Let's just say she got herself an entangling story for sure!

There are 17 versions over on my website:

And you can get the same 17 versions in high res on my gumroad:

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