LilSlaveKitten Visits Alvinus!

Sometimes the floating city of Alvinus gets famous visitors. For some reason they all get kinky with it. When in Rome, right?

Anyway : Last year I found this interesting person on twitter. She did a totally spies cosplay in latex which caught my attention She goes by the name LilSlaveKitten . A very interesting follow. Be sure to check out her profile. She's a cool cat :D 

You can find her profile on birdsite here :


You can get a high res copy of all 34 variants on my gumroad:

All normal res versions as always are available on my website:

And really go check out the other variants they are very cool. Ranging from nude to some shibari action and floofy nippleclamps!

Also. I have a new artbook out which is now available in digital and physical form:

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